Competition Trunks & Tan

Competition Trunks & Tan

Competition Trunks & Tan

All your Bodybuilding Show Essentials

Everything to enhance your physique on stage. From competition standard posing trunks, Hot Stuff & posing glaze to Jan Tana, Dream Tan & Pro Tan, Muscle Sheen, Muscle Juice & Bikini Bite.

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Explosive Fibres High cut 3/4" sides Nylon Lycra Posing Trunks. Full back and seamed front for best fit in assorted colours and sizes





can be shipped within 2-3 days

Explosive Fibres High cut 3/4" sides Velvet or Sparkly Posing Trunks in Assorted Colours. Approved by all bodybuilding federations


Explosive Fibres Athletic gym and Physique class competition shorts.Great for showing off your quads

£25.00 / pair(s)

Competition Tanning Cream allows you to achieve a deep dark, long lasting tan after just one easy application. Your tan won't run or streak

£23.00 / bottle(s)

The Winning Colour used by Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Adelia Garcia and other Olympia Champions. There's NO NEED to tan in a tanning bed.


Ultra1 will give skin a deep chestnut color and dark skin a rich mahogany color on even the palest skins.


Hi-Definition Color will give you amazing definition, so dark there’s NO NEED to tan in a tanning bed.


Still in stock
can be shipped within 2-3 days

Highlights and Enhances your physique to increase maximum definition. Light, non greasy spray is quick and easy to apply.



Currently unavailable

Balances the skin's pH, preparing skin to ensure a smooth, even application and greater absorption of Colour.


Currently unavailable

Quickly and easily cover up distracting tattoo's, stretch marks and blemishes. Matches Jan Tana Hi-Definition and Ultra 1 Colour



Currently unavailable

Muscle Sheen Posing Gel provides a smooth sleek sheen that will blow your competition away. Used by world class bodybuilders,

£12.50 / bottle(s)

Hot Stuff Vascodilatiion Optimiser helps maximise blood delivery and circulation throughout the upper levels of the skin

£12.50 / bottle(s)

Still in stock

Muscle Juice Posing Oil shows your true muscle definition - without creating the blind spots that baby oil can.

£12.50 / bottle(s)

Bikini Bite Suit Fastener Glue. This unique fabric glue provides superior holding power for posing suits, bikinis, costumes.


Tan comes in two shades: 1 (Gold Brown) for Black and darker skinned athletes and 2 (Red Bronze) for those with lighter complexions.

£25.00 / bottle(s)