sports cafe

Our sports cafe is worth travelling to.

We offer our members a range of carefully chosen sports supplements, protein shakes, sports drinks, snack and nutritionally balanced sports meals. After a good workout they can also stay for a chat about their nutritional needs or seek dietary advice from qualified sports nutritionists, who will also help them to choose the right products for them.

We firmly believe we stock some of the best supplements on the market, from the likes of CNP, Muscelfury, Gaspari Nutrition, Scitech, Multipower, Grenade, Powerbar and Met-Rx. Members can also choose from a range of four nutritionally balanced sports meals. 

Mexican or Indian style beef, Moroccan or Thai style chicken nutritionally balanced sports nutrition meals; chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, banoffee and strawberry; a range of sports and power drinks drinks, sports bars and flapjacks. Pro-mass, pro-peptide, pro-recover, pro-fuel, pro-hydrate, pro-tect, pro-glutamine, pro-creatine, pro-lean, pro-cla, pro-aminos, pro-dessert, pro-mr, pro-ms, pro-flapjacks, pro-bars, 100% whey protein, volumass, isolate  and anything else recommended to us...even energy mints!

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