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Best in the industry!!
from on 19/01/2018
Been wearing my otomix since the day I bought them, extremely comfortable to wear throughout the day, I've owned many pairs of gym shoes but these are just something else! Comfort 10/10, weight 10/10, style 10/10, use in the gym 10000/10! I've got size 13 feet which are quite wide so I'd highly recommend getting the ninja warrior edition over any other style. You won't regret your purchase! I know il be buying another pair soon!
from on 06/11/2016
I got the chance to test out these newest ones from Otomix, and I could directly feel that they fit me perfectly and are exacty whatt I want from shoes that is to be used for bodybulding purposes in the gym.
They fit well, are lightweight and comfortable, not stiff and have a good touch/feeling to the ground. Hands down the best ones until this date from Otomix.
Even though color is not too impotant, I couldn't decide between red and yellow, so I got a pair of both ones, and I'm very happy that idid! :)
Awesome shoes
from on 04/11/2016
I'm a powerlifter/bodybuilder and I previously owned a pair of Metal Powerlifting shoes, it's a shoe/boot that is very popular in Powerlifting, flat sloed and lightweight....

The Otomix Ninja Warriors blow the Metal Powerlifting shoe straight out of the water.

Hands down 10 times better for deadlifting, comfy, easy to get on, Red looks the bomb as well!
It's a shoe I always wear for any lifting bar squatting as I order a heel to my shoe.
Everything else I'm in my Otomix. Very happy with these indeed!
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Product Note Status Price
Otomix Stingray - Camo Otomix Stingray - Camo
£75.00 / pair(s)
Otomix Stingray Unisex bodybuilding boots , fitness shoes- Black Otomix Stingray Unisex bodybuilding boots , fitness shoes- Black
£108.00 / pair(s)
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