Otomix Canvas Hi Top Unisex bodybuilding boots , fitness shoes- Black



Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting, or Boxing Shoes The PRO TKO Super Hi is Otomix amazing new style to the limited edition. Whether you're in the ring or gym, there's only one chance to get things right, which is why it's so important to make sure that you've got the correct shoe to maximize your chances of success. Our new PRO TKO is specifically designed for any athlete that needs high-performance footwear created particularly for the needs of boxers whether in training or combat.

Our Super Hi ankle provides additional protection to the joint, while the soles are designed for optimal grip in the ring. Now in Otomix superior, supportive stitched canvas and suede leather, so you will look just as good as you feel while working out. Boxing is in our DNA!.

This design is also a favorite of Powerlifters who need ankle support!

Bodybuilding Boxing Posing Shoes Otomix's legendary Super Hi was made famous by Lee Priest & Jay Cutler in their historic posing videos. . See their great posing routines all over the internet in these shoes