Otomix Stingray Unisex bodybuilding boots , fitness shoes- Pink Camo



The New Limited Edition Pink Camo Stingrays. After a long wait they have finally arrived. Get hold of a pair now.

Otomix creates bodybuilding shoes that feature fantastic performance and incredible good looks. Best of all we listen to our customers, and now we have Pink Stingrays for women. Our thin sewn on flat soles enable athletes to feel the surface beneath their feet, assist with balance and help correct positioning during lifts.

OTOMIX brings its heritage of mat sports experience in Martial Arts to the world of Wrestling, MMA, Boxing, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Grappling with the introduction of the Stingray Escape shoe. These ultra-light shoes provide superior support and stability with an unlimited range of motion. The Otomix MMA Stingray Escape is feather light with ultimate traction, which we all need for competition. Ideal for all grappling sports, Jujitsu,